Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anglo Celtic Plate 2010

It's almost a month since the 24-hr World Champs and my last blog entry so what have I been up to?  Well for starters I took a complete week of rest and forgot about running.  This meant keeping away from the running club and to resist temptation I switched to wearing my 'going out watch' rather than my usual Polar HRM or Garmin.   After my full week off I started back cycling and averaged around 40K per day as my commute to and from work before gradually starting back running with distances of less than 10K.
Last week I got an opportunity to see the new Polar product range for 2011 and I also met the Irish Legend  John Tracey at an information night for  The Great Ethiopian Run.

My weekly running is now back up to approx 70K and yet again I'm Tapering as next Friday I'm off to Boddington to take part in the 2010 Anglo Celtic Plate.  There's no way I can get fitter between now and the ACP so as usual my plan is to remain healthy, injury free and be as ready as I can be on race day.  The cycling has stopped and next week I'll do a few short but fast runs of less than 10K at slower than my 10K pace and including warm up and cool down.

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