Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's only 1 day of my life

Since the confirmation of my entry in the 24hr race I've been thinking about it quite a lot and although my plan is to just concentrate on the time rather than drown in the distance I'm feeling slightly apprehensive about the race. The thoughts of staying awake for the race duration as well as the few hours before and after the race mean I could be awake for 36-40hrs when you add it all up.
This evening I went to a talk in the Great Outdoors and listened to Mark Pollock & Simon O'Donnell talk about their trek to the South Pole and their 16 hr days. I thought of Mark and remembered what it must have been like for him whe I was suffering on the way to and from Everest Base Camp but I had the scenery to ease the pain and distract my mind unlike Mark. So I thought just get on with it sure it's only 1 day of your life, shut up and put up with it.

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