Monday, October 19, 2009

24hr Track Race / The Result

Race report from Ultra Running Ireland.

Ireland's John O'Regan made his 24-Hour debut in style in London on 17-18 October 2009.

The Dubliner ran a distance of 220.002km, or 136.7 miles, to earn the standard for participation in the World 24 Hour Championships in 2010.

The event was won convincingly by Great Britain's Richard Quenell, but Paul Hart (GBR), Per Audon Heskestad (NOR) and O'Regan battled closely to finish second, third and fourth, respectively. Although John is no stranger to ultra running and adventure running, having participated in the North Pole and Antarctic Ice Marathons, the Celtic 100k, the Everest Marathon, the Inca Trail Marathon (co-1st) and the Yukon Arctic Ultra of 100 miles (1st), it was a spectacular debut at 24 hours.

John's principal crew member was Tony Brennan, but he was also helped by Steven Seaton, the former publishing editor of Runner's World magazine. Mike King - a top UK Sports Photographer - who photographs the North Pole Marathon each year, was also at hand to take some photos and voice his support.

John's performance in this IAU-labelled event is a great boost to Ireland's 24-Hour team.

For race results click here.

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