Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sports Massage

I always wondered why my wife insisted on using the same hairdresser all the time as do most of the girls I know but yesterday I was getting a massage with the same guy I've been going to for the last 3 years and after the massage he said 'I've seen you a lot worse'.  He knows what I've done over the last few years and has helped me recover from injury and prepare for races so he knows a lot about me and it was then it dawned on me that when you find someone you trust and that knows their job you should stick with them.  

Anyway, not a lot happening at the moment as I'm between races and although not Tapering for London I'm taking it a bit easier.  Took most of the Easter weekend off apart from an early morning 15 mile run with Tony last Friday.  We started out at 07:00 am and ran for 2 hrs at 8 min mile pace without a pre planned route which made for a very enjoyable start to the day and end of my training week.

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