Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flora London Marathon 09

Today I went for an easy run on the track keeping my heart rate below 140 bpm while checking the associated pace every 200M and pressing the lap button on my stopwatch after every complete 400M lap.   My pace was an even 7:30 min mile over 4 miles and my legs feel as if they've recovered but rather than overdo it I kept the run short.  This heart rate and pace is more or less normal for me and at that pace I could expect to finish a Marathon comfortably in 3hrs 15min.  So what? this means that my 8 min mile pacing job in London will be well within my comfort zone so the signs are good for a quick recovery and a successful race.  Reading this you may think that running the London Marathon so soon after the 100K would be either impossible or foolish and how can I do it?   Well there's a big difference between just running and racing and because the London Marathon will be slower than my easy / recovery pace it will be just another training run.  

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