Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Training Diary for 03rd to 10th June 2013.

Monday 03rd June HRV= 62 White.

3rd June HRVA good result but I’m feeling physically tired so I decided to stay in bed a little bit longer.  The lie in cost some time and instead of a long easy run I went for a shorter hilly run at a steady pace.  Followed this with an evening recovery run of Track laps.
Plan for tomorrow is running commute to work.

Tuesday 04th June HRV=68 White.

4th June HRVA great result but still feeling physically tired which could be caused by a spell of warm weather and dehydration.  Ran to work as planned and happy with the effort on a very warm / sunny morning.  Skipped the opportunity for a lunchtime run but ran home instead with a slight detour for a total of 40K for the day.  Weighed myself when I got home and had lost 2Kg in bodyweight.  Made a conscious effort to rehydrate before going to bed
Plan for tomorrow is a running commute to work and an evening recovery run before coaching.

Wednesday 05th June HRV=55 Amber.

5th June HRVHappy with this result as yesterday turned out to be a tough day with the high temperatures and running with a pack (commute).  Feeling good but I’ll take the warning and skip the running commute to work.  Lunchtime Recovery run but feeling good and the pace was a little bit faster than expected or planned.  Followed that with an evening session of an easy paced run that got progressively faster as the terrain allowed and my legs started to warm up.  A good run but probably too hard with the high temperatures and I know it’ll cause some dehydration.  Finished the day with a coaching session after finishing my own training which didn’t help with recovery but it was a good finish to the day.

Day off tomorrow with some free time so the plan is to try for a long run and possibly an evening speed session.

Thursday 06th JuneHRV=50 Red.

6th June HRVBad timing but not surprised and putting this down to dehydration and insufficient recovery.  Don’t want to waste the day as tomorrow might be a forced rest day so compromised with a short recovery run taking time to stop and take in the scenery whenever my heart rate started to climb.  Cancelled the speed session I was considering.
Plan for tomorrow is a running commute but will depend on recovery.

Friday 07th June HRV= 53 Red.

7th June HRVA double Red and far from ideal.  I don’t mind red lining when I know it’s the result of a hard session but this is caused by the warm weather and I’m guessing it’s more dehydration than a training effect.  Will take it easy today to be ready for the weekend.  Instead of my own session I went out as a pacer with a club mate and that meant a disciplined easy run for less than 1hr and almost as good as a rest day.
Plan for tomorrow is an early long run out and back along the canal.

Saturday 08th June HRV=72 Green.

8th June HRVA better than expected result and if I had the time I’d have abandoned my long run for a Tempo or Interval session but at this stage I need to stay event specific.  Started early to finish early with an out and back along the canal with the plan being to turn at 15K and when I got back to the starting point I’d run in the opposite direction for as long as I had left of my available time.  Turned into a social run as I met a some friends & club mates at different points along the route unplanned and had company for some part.  Finished with 40K and a little bit of sunburn on a dehydrating morning.
Plan for tomorrow is a long run with an early start as need to be home early.

Sunday 09th June HRV=64 White.

9th June HRVAlarm went off at 05:10am. Great result but the legs are feeling tired and an early morning isn’t helping.  Grabbed a quick cup of coffee and drove to the hills to meet a club mate.  Parked close to the climbing and it was straight down to business with a 5K climb.  Probably started a little too fast and felt it on the next climb which went on for 3K but apart from that I felt fairly ok and recovered quickly and was moving well on the flat.  Decided to take a short cut on the return which cut out 20K but considering how fatigued my legs were feeling I think it was a good call as there were promises to keep.
Plan for tomorrow is a medium distance long run and will keep it as flat as possible.

Week HRV Training Summary

3rd - 9th June HRVA great week and increased on last week’s distance by 20K but would have liked to increase the long run distance.  Next weekend will be my last opportunity for a decent long run.

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