Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Training Diary 8-14th April 2013

Monday Apr 08th. HRV= 70 White.

John O'Regan HRV April Mon 8thLower than expected.  Easy lunchtime 10K and feeling slightly fatigued, decided to cancel my run home.  Went to watch my son play a match and then took the opportunity to run a recovery 5K with the Couch to 5K group from my club.  Legs still feeling tired and think this was a good decision as it prevents the temptation to run faster / longer.  Cancelled my Gym session tomorrow as there’s no point in digging the hole any deeper.
Plan for tomorrow is undecided and will depend on my recovery.

Tuesday Apr 09th. HRV= 85 Green.

John O'Regan HRV April Tues 9thStress / Rest / Adapt and this is my highest score in quite a while.  Woke at my usual Gym time and same scenario as last Thursday, if the signs of a recovery were there I’d use the available time productively.  Ran to work taking it nice and easy and added a second recovery run during my lunchtime of 8K.  An unexpected window of opportunity meant I could add in a 3rd session of just under 10K at Recovery pace and this is ideal in the build-up to a 24-hr race as the cumulative fatigue is similar to what I’ll experience during the race.
Plan for tomorrow is an evening run of 20K +.

Wednesday Apr 10th . HRV= 81 White.

John O'Regan HRV April Weds 10thHigher than expected and today’s plan has slightly changed to quality over quantity based on my HRV.  Legs feeling heavy so I skipped the opportunity to run during lunch and instead saved myself for a later session of 3*2K intervals off 90 seconds recovery.  I was aiming for 3:30-3:35 per K but spent most of the first rep warming up and maybe next time I’ll include a throwaway rep of close to planned pace at the start.  Average pace per 2K of: 3:38K, 3:34K & 3:35K and a total distance of 13K with warm up and cool down.
Plan for tomorrow is an early Gym session plus a lunchtime 10K and hopefully a second run if time allows.

Thursday Apr 11th. HRV=73 White.

John O'Regan HRV April Thurs 11thEarly Gym session of mobility work and did 3*5 Back Squats with 60Kg and 3* max chin ups.  Lunchtime easy run of 10K in just under 42 mins and I can feel my right ITB starting to feel the effects of the recent workload.  Think it’s time for a massage.
Plan for tomorrow is medium effort 30-40K run.

Friday Apr 12th. HRV= 69 Amber.

John O'Regan HRV April Fri 12thPlan for today is slightly changed and rather than a tiring long run I opt for a shorter but more intense interval session.  An interval session isn’t as tiring because of the recovery between reps and the reps are short enough that the HR isn’t elevated for too long.  Session was 10*1K at average pace of 3:35K off 60 second recovery.
Plan for tomorrow is a Tempo Run of 15-25K.

Saturday Apr 13th. HRV=61 Red.

John O'Regan HRV April Sat 13thToday is now a rest day so it’s back to bed.
Plan for tomorrow is similar to last week with a long mixed terrain run.

Sunday Apr 14th. HRV=61 Red.

John O'Regan HRV April Sun 14thUnexpected after resting and taking it easy yesterday.  Today is now a rest day and I’m not happy.  Sent a text to my club mates cancelling a planned meet up halfway through my run and then it was back to bed.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on recovery but I’m thinking a lunchtime easy run and a running commute home.

 Weekly Summary

John O'Regan Weekly HRV April 8th to 14th
A bad end to my peak week as I’m close to 100K short of my plan but then again it could be a good end as the double Red show’s that if I’m not coming down with an illness then I may have been training to my max and peaking just in time.  With less than 4 weeks until the 24-hr World & European Championships I’d like to think that it’s the latter.  Tomorrow will tell.
I’m still awaiting the official Team announcement for this event and expect it will be made next week, fingers crossed.

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