Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Training Diary 15-21st April 2013

Monday Apr 15th. HRV= 75 White.

John O'Regan HRVBetter than yesterday but feel like I’m playing catch up and I’m unsure as to what I should do over the next few days.  The weekend just gone should have been the peak of my training but now I feel like I need to extend the peak into this week.  Lunchtime 10K in my aerobic zone followed by a running commute home at my 24-hr Race Pace.  Took a lot of effort to keep the pace slow especially during those moments when another runner passes by at a pace just slightly faster.
Plan for tomorrow is an early Gym session and a lunchtime Recovery run.  Will add in a second run if time allows and I feel able for it.

Tuesday Apr 16th. HRV=80 White.

John O'Regan HRVA good result and I’m now glad that I took the weekend off as it’s better to miss 2 days training when needed than to miss a week of training recovering from illness or overtraining.  Early Gym session testing my 1 Rep Max for the back squat, lost concentration and stopped at 75kg before finishing the session with 3 sets of walking lunges with Dumbbells.  Easy Lunchtime 10K with legs feeling tired and heavy and a similar evening run of 10K with tired legs.  Looking forward to starting the Taper.
Plan for tomorrow is an evening run of 20K +.

Wednesday Apr 17th. HRV=68  White.

John O'Regan HRVA bit lower than expected and I have the DOMS so the plan changes ever so slightly.  Didn’t feel like I maxed on the squats yesterday but I’m now glad I stopped when I did.  Lunchtime run to loosen my legs out and started to move well after 2K and finished with 11k in just under 50 mins.  Much better than expected but legs started to stiffen up again in the afternoon although I still felt I’d be ok for an interval session in the evening which I went and set up.  Plan changed again after getting home and changed to run.  On my way to the track I knew my legs just didn’t have it in them for a fast turnover and the interval session was then changed to an easy / steady paced road run.  Session became 13K over a hilly route and into a cross or headwind for the most of it.  Not the most enjoyable run and if I didn’t have company it wouldn’t have happened.
Plan for tomorrow is an early Gym session plus a lunchtime 10K and hopefully a second run if time allows.

Thursday Apr 18th. HRV=73 White.

John O'Regan HRVEarly Gym session of Power Clean with 40Kg and 5 sets of 3*5 Strict Press @ 30Kg + 4 chin ups.  Shorter than planned run of 8K as my legs are still feeling tired and I’m still recovering from the DOMS and don’t want to slow the recovery too much.
Plan for tomorrow is medium effort 30-40K run.

Friday Apr 19th. HRV= 65 White.

John O'Regan HRVMy plan for today has slightly changed and instead of the longer run I opt for a shorter but faster session of just under 20K with 14K at Tempo Pace which included a 10K split of under 38 mins.  Added in a second recovery recovery run a few hours later of 6K.  A good day.
Plan for tomorrow is 15-25K.

Saturday Apr 20th. HRV= 61 Amber.

John O'Regan HRVExpected and rather than run early I postpone the run until the afternoon to extend my recovery.  Went out at my planned race pace over a hilly route and picked the pace up halfway through even though I knew I shouldn’t.
Plan for tomorrow is a 20K + Run at my planned race pace.

Sunday Apr 21th. HRV= 62 Red.

John O'Regan HRVNot what I wanted but knew it was possible.  Today is the end of my peak week and tomorrow is a rest day so my plan for today stands but I limit the distance to 20K and keep my HR at lower end of Aerobic and my pace will be no faster than race pace.  This is planned over reaching.
Plan for tomorrow is a rest day and coaching.

Weekly HRV Summary

John O'Regan HRVA good comeback from last weekend and overall a good week with a mix of sessions / distances & intensities.  Tomorrow is a rest / recovery day and the Taper begins.

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