Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Training Diary 25th-31st March 2013

Monday Mar 25th. HRV= 82 Green.

Mon 25th HRVA good recovery since yesterday but I won’t get carried away because although my engine is showing signs of recovery the chassis might still be a bit fatigued and still under repair.  Started the day with a Recovery run of 5K and all seemed ok and then did a second run of 12K checking out the route for a 10K race next Monday.
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session and an undecided run.

Tuesday Mar 26th. HRV= 65 White.

Tues 26th HRVMuch lower than expected and maybe I’m still recovering from Saturday.  Gym session went well and increased squat weight to 52.5Kg.  Went for an evening run with the plan being 50 mins @ 145-160bpm and stopped just short but went as planned with an avg HR of 150bpm. Felt really good during this session and didn’t expect to run so well.
Plan for tomorrow is an Interval Session over the 10K Race Route.

Wednesday Mar 27th. HRV=62 White.

Weds 27th HRVLower than expected but the session last night was good quality and the White line means I can continue as normal.  Tonight’s session was 3*1600M aiming for race pace off 3 min run recovery over the race route.  Session went ok but slower than race pace on tired legs.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on my recovery but thinking about an Interval session to waken my legs up.

Thursday Mar 28th. HRV= 79 White.

Thurs 28th HRVA good result and hit the Track for 10*400M off 1 min recovery.  Tough session but once I hit the 6th rep it was manageable.  Finished the day with a second recovery run of 6K just because I could and didn’t really want to!
Plan for tomorrow is undecided but I’ll see if any club mates are out and about and I might join in. and just run

Friday Mar 29th. HRV=67 White.

Fri 29th HRVAs expected.  Took it easy for most of the day and then met a club mate to run the race route once again at an easy pace.  Trying to familiarise myself with the route as much as possible and pick out attack and recovery points.
Plan for tomorrow is my usual pre race Interval Session

Saturday Mar 30th. HRV=68 White.

Sat 30th HRVAn ok score but would have liked higher this close to a race but don’t have the time to taper.  Did my usual pre race session of 6* 1 minute fast and ran slightly faster than planned which made the session a bit more of an effort than I would have liked but it was unavoidable due to a strong wind on one side of the Track.  Finished the session with a total distance of 5K and went for a second 5K recovery run meeting up with some club mates for an excuse to break it up.
Plan for tomorrow is a lie in and then a recovery run of 45 minutes keeping my HR below 130bpm.  Clocks go forward tonight and I won’t be setting the alarm.

Sunday Mar 31st. HRV=68 White.

Sun 31st HRVWoke early and stayed in bed but couldn’t get back asleep. Got up, tested and went back to bed.  Still couldn’t sleep so I got up and went for my recovery run and stopped just short of 45 mins having covered 7K.  Will take it easy for rest of today in preparation for tomorrow’s race.
Plan for tomorrow is a 10K Road Race. Kildare Senior Road Race Championships.

Weekly HRV Summary

Weeks HRVMonth HRV with Training LoadA good week with reduced volume and normal intensity and it feels like I’ve recovered from the Trail Race.  Recovery week is now over and the long runs will start from next weekend.

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