Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Training Diary 31st Dec to 6th Jan 2013.

Monday Dec 31st. HRV=67 White

Mon HRVTaking it easy today with a running commute to and from work at an easy pace. Legs feeling heavy and fatigued or maybe I’m just feeling lazy from the recent festivities. Looking forward to getting back into a ‘normal’ routine.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on HRV. If it’s low 70′s and white I’ll run 2-3hrs at an easy pace and if it’s high 70’s it’ll be a shorter but faster run of 1hr+.

Tuesday Jan 01st. HRV=61 Amber

Tues HRVNo expected as I behaved myself last night but did stay up very late. Abandoned my plan and went back to bed. Felt restless all day and eventually cracked which meant putting on the head torch for a short slow trail run. For some reason I thought I’d feel better by starting the year as I meant it to continue.
Plan for tomorrow is a lunchtime recovery run and an evening Tempo.

Wednesday Jan 02nd. HRV=71 White

Weds HRVLunchtime recovery run as planned, legs still feeling heavy. Evening Tempo session felt a bitter harder than it should have and I know my legs are tired as I struggled to get into the zone. Cut the run short by reducing the Tempo section but did the usual warm up & cool down. I’m not overly concerned about the tiredness in my legs as that’s easy to rectify and once my engine isn’t showing any signs of excess stress I’m happy enough.
Plan for is an early strength session which could be interesting as it’s my first day back since before Christmas.

Thursday Jan 03rd. HRV= 72 White

Thurs HRVA good result and shows I didn’t get the training effect from last night’s run. Took a step back with the strength session and was happy enough with having to only drop the squat weight by 2.5kg to 55kg. A good start to the New Year. Finished the day with a short recovery run.
Plan for tomorrow is a lunchtime recovery run.

Friday Jan 04th. HRV=75 White

Fri HRVA good result but I have the DOMS from yesterday’s strength session and decided to rest rather than run today in preparation for tomorrow.
Plan for tomorrow is a 3-4hr trail run along the Wicklow Way.

Saturday Jan 05th. HRV=84 White

John O'Regan HRV training along Wicklow Way
John O’Regan training along Wicklow Way
Photo: Alan Rowlette
A good result after rest but still have the DOMS which is far from ideal for today’s run. Met up with a few friends and did an out and back 33K run along the Wicklow Way with over 1000M of ascent. Found this run quite tough and fell behind on some of the climbs but it’s good to have days like this as it keeps you switched on.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on how I’m feeling and I expect to be sore.

Sunday Jan 06th. HRV=60 Amber

sun HRVAn expected result and my legs are stiff and sore from yesterday’s run. Did an easy hour avoiding hills and keeping my heart rate and pace low and comfortable.
Plan for tomorrow is an easy lunchtime run followed by a running commute to a meeting at the Athletics Association of Ireland.

Weekly Summary

A good week and I’ll aim to build on it next week and hopefully get back into the hills.

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