Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Training Diary 21st – 27th Jan 2013

Monday 21st Jan. HRV= 68 White.

An early start after a late night and today will be spent travelling.  Overdid the food last night and feeling bloated this morning so I’ll take it easy today and try get back on track.  Easier said than done as airport food isn’t great.
Departed the hotel at 09:15am and I expect to be home by 7:30pm.
Plan for tomorrow includes dropping the kids to school along with other errands followed by a MAF session similar to last Wednesday to make the comparison and the result will determine my next training move.

Tuesday 22nd Jan. HRV=80 White.

Tues HRVA good result and perfect for a MAF session.  Collected my blood results and then had a meeting regarding a project for later in the year.  Did so much running around that I almost missed the opportunity to train and ended up cutting the session short by 1K.  Session went ok but the drop in fitness after missing 1 week of run training is very obvious.  I’ll now take a small step back and rebuild my aerobic base which shouldn’t take long.
Plan for tomorrow is undecided as I’m not back in the zone yet.

Wednesday 23rd Jan. HRV=64 White.

Weds HRVDidn’t expect the result would be this low but then again I am at the tail end of an unusual week and that was obvious from yesterday’s session.  No time for a lunchtime run but to make up for lost time I decided to skip my coaching session in favour of a slightly longer MAF session of 16K on the track.  Slight improvement on yesterday and the run was mentally tough which made it even more satisfying to complete.
Plan for tomorrow is an early strength session followed by a lunchtime recovery run and if I have time for a second run I’ll take it.

Thursday 24th Jan. HRV=68 White.

Thurs HRVSlightly up on yesterday and I expect to be back on track by the weekend or early next week. Early morning strength session with a step back in lifted weight (-20Kg) but an increase in depth.  Lunchtime 10K using the MAF zone again and the pace was slightly down on yesterday but that’s ok.  No time for a second run as I’m coaching this evening and required for taxi duties.
Plan for tomorrow is up in the air.

Friday 25th Jan. HRV=60 White.

Fri HRVLower than expected but then again I did have a sneaky whiskey last night and probably got less than 5hrs sleep.  Turns out I’m too busy to train today which might be a good thing as I can feel the DOMS coming on from yesterday.  On the downside I’m going to a party this evening and that might knock me back a bit.  I won’t overdo it but sometimes you need to blend into the crowd and the training should fit around your life rather than your life fitting around your training.  I was thinking about setting the alarm for an early start but sleep & recovery can be more important than the training.
Provisional plan for tomorrow is a 30K run in the MAF zone.

Saturday 26th Jan. HRV=66 White.

Sat HRVLate night / early morning and would have liked a higher result but it’s good enough for what I have planned.  Session was physically easy but mentally tough and finished knowing I could have kept going.  The advantage of doing this type of session on the track is that it’s easier to do an almost identical session in the future to make the comparison and monitor progress.  The track also allows for an uninterrupted run and it’s easier to maintain a constant pace with no peaks or troughs.  To make it easier I run in the outside lane as the bends aren’t as tight and if it’s a long run I change direction after half way.
Plan for tomorrow is a long Interval session on the track

Sunday 27th Jan. HRV=65 White.

Fri HRVWoke feeling tired and decided to stay in bed as I knew I wasn’t on form for what I had planned.  I’m thinking that my Interval Session might be too much too soon so I changed my original plan to a shorter easier aerobic run

Weekly HRV Summary

Rebuilding my aerobic base and can already see a return to my fitness after a few disciplined sessions.  Next week will be something similar and I’ll include a session of hill repeats to start working on my running specific leg strength.
Weeks HRVBefore heading to Norway I did a MAF session to get a check on my fitness and on my return I repeated the session to check what I’d lost after a week without running.  Both sessions were on the Track and almost identical apart from the second being 1K shorter and the result shows a definite drop in fitness when comparing Pace / HR.

Pre Norway MAF session

Post Norway MAF session.

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