Saturday, January 26, 2013

Training Diary 14th – 20th Jan 2013.

Monday 14th Jan. HRV=69 White

Mon HRVAn easy day with 2 short recovery runs. Caught for time as I’m packing and thinking about Norway.
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session followed by a blood test and hopefully I’ll manage to fit in a run.

Tuesday 15th Jan. HRV=83 White.

Tues HRVEarly morning Gym session with a new Squat and Deadlift PB. Blood test and back into town to meet and collect kit from sponsors. Didn’t find time to run but will try make up for it tomorrow before heading to the airport to fly out to Norway in preparation for the Siberian Black Ice Race.
Plan for tomorrow is a pre flight Tempo run. Running hard as it will be my last run for a week.

Wednesday 16th Jan. HRV=66 Amber.

Weds HRVUnexpected low result and probably the result of my heavy gym session and blood test with some added pre travel stress.  Decided to down grade my run from a Tempo to MAF session and went a little bit longer than last time with 16K. Similar result so all is good. Home for a quick shower and then off to the airport for a 4-5hr flight including a stopover.
Arrived into our hotel after midnight and had one drink before calling it a night. Tomorrow we have a 4-6hr drive which includes a slight detour to collect Mark’s bike and I’m hoping we arrive at our destination in daylight as we’ve to set up camp after finding a suitable site.

Thursday 17th Jan. HRV=54 Red.

Thurs HRVJohn O'Regan Black Ice Race HRV TrainingNot surprised at result after yesteday’s flight but was hoping for higher.
Arrived at Skinnerbu in the Hardangervidda Plateau just as it was starting to get dark and the temperature was a less than pleasant -15C. It was quite an effort to do the simple task of fixing the wheels to Mark’s bike and erecting the tent was a reminder of how harsh an environment we were in. I was constantly trying to defrost my fingers and was almost happy to get into my cold sleeping bag.  Melted snow & ice for a dehydrated meal which and filled my water bottle.

Friday 18th Jan. HRV=69 White.

Fri HRVA restless night and I was constantly woken by the pain in my frozen toes and an old injury to my right knee was playing up with the cold.  The day was spent working on an economical means of moving with the bike and a system of communication that was simple but effective. We trialled our methods and ideas over marked trails in surrounding forests and discussed potential problems and hazards while trying to come up with solutions.
An exhausting day with the temperature dropping to -20.  Made camp just as the sun was going down and finished the day with a dehydrated meal.

Saturday 19th Jan. HRV=71 White.John O'Regan Black Ice Race HRV Training

Sat HRVA similar day to yesterday with the temperature dipping even lower to a very cold -23.
Had a close call and narrowly escaped getting frostbite on my nose having caught it just in time. I could feel my face and nose being very cold and then the pain was gone which made me forget about it rather than realise it had gone numb. One of my team mates noticed that my nose was starting to turn a waxy white and I immediately started to work on getting the circulation going again. Another reminder of how a momentary lapse of concentration can lead to a dangerous situation.

Sunday 20th Jan. HRV=54 Amber.

Sun HRVJohn O'Regan Black Ice Race HRV TrainingEarly start and following breakfast we broke camp and packed the van before hitting the trails again for our last session to perfect the system we think works best. Spent a few hours going back and forth with a changing pace and worked really hard to make the most of our last few hours.  Finished off with a 5hr drive back to Oslo including a stop off for a proper meal.
Early start tomorrow and a long day of travelling.

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