Sunday, February 19, 2012

Defining Moment / My Ultra Running Story.

Lateral Vision Productions  feature Documentary on Irish Ultra Runner John O'Regan.  Shot on location in Ireland, Greece, UK, French Alps. Sahara Desert, The North Pole, Antarctica and the Yukon Territory.
A fascinating case of one person against the elements.  What are the ingredients that make an ultra runner go through such grueling mental and physical pain?  How is an ultra runner different from a marathon runner?  This intriguing documentary reveals what makes him tick using the background story of his participation in the 2010 “Spartathlon”.  Four hundred and fifty of the world’s top ultra runners passed the stringent entry criteria for the 246km non-stop race, but just 128 crossed the finish line within the 36 hour lim

Further information and sales available from Lateral Vision Productions.


  1. Hi John, It was good meeting you in Donadea last weekend. I ordered the DVD yesterday and it has arrived already ! Looking forward to watching it.
    Cheers, Graham

  2. Cheers Graham and yes nice to meet up and did remember you from Great Outdoors. Hope you like the DVD and will surely see you at another race before Donadea next year:)