Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So far so good.

Last week couldn't have gone any better, I almost mirrored the previous week's sessions without having to make any lifestyle adjustments which tells me that the schedule could me manageable.  Finished the week with back to back long runs of just under 40Km with both done at a very easy pace.  To help with the long runs I arranged to meet a training partner either during or towards the end of the run which helped prevent boredom from tempting me to stop short.  Total distance for this week went slightly further than last week and was close to 165Km plus I managed to fit in a Sports Massage.

 I wasn't looking forward to the Massage as I had visions of the expected pain seeing as I hadn't got a rub down since the start of November last year in preparation for the 100Km World Championships in Gibraltar and I've clocked up quite a distance since then.  I don't think I've ever gone this long without a massage but breaking my ribs in early December meant I couldn't take the risk as the massage usually includes working on my back and shoulders.  To be honest I was probably glad of the excuse not to get one.

Plan for this week is to again mirror my previous two weeks and that should confirm my schedule.  Weekday runs will remain the same and I'll continue to either increase the weekend distance or else reduce the distance and increase the pace but I won't do two back to back runs of longer than 40Km as I don't think it necessary based on my past experience.  Rest & Recovery is just as important as the training and you should only do what you can recover from and if a weekend of high distance means reduced quality in the following week then it might be counter productive.

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