Sunday, January 9, 2011

Establishing a new routine.

Antarctica 09th January 2006.
Looking back over old photographs helps me get into the zone when planning ahead and some times I wish that I was still planning the races I've already done.  It's unlikely that I'll ever return to these places because I believe that some experiences should be remembered and not repeated as the next time might not be the same.  Having said that I still might repeat some of the races if the opportunity arises but I won't purposely try to make that happen as there's still so much to do.

My recent injury seems to have cleared up and the in the past week I've managed to run just over 150 Km with 12.5 hrs of training.  This was made of of lunchtime Tempo runs coupled with evening Recovery runs and the occasional Steady run as my commute home from work.  My weekend was as usual with a long run of just under 40K on Sunday.  

I'll follow this same routine for the next two weeks to see if it fits around my life schedule without having to make too many sacrifices and then I'll try increase the volume by starting my weekend runs earlier and maybe adding in the occasional run before work.  I'm guessing this will bring my training time close to 15-16 hrs and when that gets comfortable I'll start to run it faster which of course will increase the distance.

The best training plan is one that fits around your life rather than trying to fit your life around the training.  When sacrifices need to be made the first thing I give up is sleep and that can be made easier by going to bed earlier.

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