Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just like the Yukon

Race Kit 
It's two weeks since my injury and according to my doctor I should be able to run after two weeks but no contact sports for six to eight weeks so I'm back in action.  
The snow has returned and falling heavier than before so rather than have a definite plan I decide to go out and just do what I can staying close to home and running a loop that allowed an escape route if needs be and I could repeat the loop as often as required. 
Mile 50 on the Dawson Trail.
The snow was deeper than I thought and took bit more of an effort than expected but when I got going it was just amazing.  Rather than risk a fall I went to a local park and without thinking about where I was going I just ran and let the terrain and visibility decide my route.  Within 20 minutes my mind was wandering and I was back in the Yukon.

When running in cold weather my technique varies slightly and rather than run slowly to gradually warm up I would run faster than usual to warm up and then I slow into my pace.  I dress in layers but would always be slightly cold when starting off and as soon as I feel myself starting to heat up I take off my gloves or hat while slowing into my pace and when I'm in the zone I put them back on.  If I need to take my hat off I'm going too fast!!
In warm weather you ration your water and in cold weather you ration your sweat.

I ran for just under an hour and stopped because I decided to rather than needed to as I think it's important when returning from an injury that you take a step back before going forward and don't try pick up where you left off.  I had done one or two short runs over the last few days before starting back today just to check my recovery and during these runs I avoided hills and made the effort not to over work my lungs by running at a very easy pace and for a very short time.

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  1. Great job on taking it slow; you know what works best. A happy Christmas to you too and peace for the new year!