Saturday, December 11, 2010

Forced Rest

(very) Cross Training.
As you will see from the above photo I also train in Martial Arts although not as often as I would like to and last Tuesday during a MA session I broke 2 ribs and that has ended my training for this year with what I call forced rest.  It's unlikely that I'll be doing anything between now and Christmas so this is probably the time to review the year and think about my plans for next year.

I've had very little time off during 2010 having almost gone from race to race with very little rest and since coming back from my most recent race in Gibraltar I was more or less straight back into training and thinking about the next race.  Rather than worry about my ribs I look at this injury as a guilt free reason to do nothing and by finding the positive in a sometimes negative situation you stay mentally strong.  Maybe guilt free is the wrong term to use for taking a break but for me I always like to do what I can do and if  I feel up to training I train as you never know what the next day might bring.  My theory is rest days will happen rather than needing to plan them and I'm really glad I made the effort to run last Monday in the snow.
Lost in the woods.


    1. Hi John

      That's a painful one, man! I've done a collar bone, an elbow and most of my toes in my 13 years service! Unlucky for some... :)

      Enjoy the rest, John. It's more than deserved!

      All the best