Monday, March 15, 2010

58 days to go.

The Le Cheile Team

Approaching the Finish

Almost all of my recent training has been done at an easy pace in preparation for my next 24-hour race and even though I should be running the occasional run at a faster pace I seem to be getting lazy and happy with the easier pace which makes it harder to step outside the comfort zone.

Yesterday I took part in the Kildare Road Race Championships and wasn't looking forward to it but to make sure I got the most from the day I declared my planned pace of 6 min mile which should be possible based on previous results.  Conditions were as close to perfect as you could wish for and the race went to plan.  Keeping an eye on my heart rate I spent the first mile gradually building up to race pace and as soon as I felt comfortable I made a break.  I ran most of the race on my own and managed to maintain an average 5:55 mile throughout.  Finishing with a short sprint finish I still had something in reserve for an 11 mile recovery run which made up for missing my usual Long Run.

My next race will be the Ballybunion 10K in 3 weeks time and hopefully I'll manage one or two proper speed sessions beforehand.

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