Sunday, August 23, 2009

Week 9

After my disappointing race result last weekend which I put down to being low on fuel I decided to increase my carb intake and reduce my training volume & intensity for this week. This didn't really suit me as it was also the week prior to starting my Taper. I took it easy on Monday and ran my usual 5 mile recovery run along a flat course and skipped a planned Tempo run on Tuesday. Ran home from work at an easy pace on Wednesday & Thursday, took Friday off and ran an easy 6 miles on Saturday which included 6* 100M strides on the grass track to loosen my legs out. Finished off the week as planned with a group training run of 23 miles at 8:30 pace.

During my Taper I will reduce the volume of training but maintain the intensity and still include Tempo & Speed Work. If I'm right about my recent tiredness I should start to feel recovered during this week and if all goes to plan I'll be racing a 10K in Punchestown, Co.Kildare this coming Sunday.

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