Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 6 & 7

Week 6 was supposed to be an easy week but because it was leading into my holidays which started on Saturday I decided to front load the week with some tough sessions.
My Tempo run this week included 40 mins of fast paced running followed by a rest day and then a session of hill repeats.
The hill repeats are done after a hilly warm up for 2 miles and then I run hard up a hill which takes about 75 seconds.  At the top of the hill I try to maintain a fast pace for a few strides before turning and running at a very relaxed pace and almost falling back to the start.  

Before driving to Kerry on Saturday to start my holiday I ran an easy 7 mile recovery run and as I ran I tried to plan out how i would train for the next week.  My plan for Sunday was to get up early and do a 20 mile long run but that didn't happen and my window of opportunity was gone.  Later that day I took a spin out to Dingle and drove the Marathon course which has me thinking i'll be doing well to finish in under 3hrs10 but I'm still looking forward to it.

Drove to Limerick on Monday 03rd and this was the first time in a few months that I've had 2 back to back days off and I'm starting to get edgy.  The roads around the hotel look very busy so I don't think i'll be slipping out for an early morning or late evening run.
Decide to settle for the Treadmill and make the most of my Tuesday evening session by opting for a Tempo run.  If stuck for time it's probably best to do a short fast run than to use up the time running a short distance at a slow pace as you'll maintain endurance by doing speed work but won't maintain speed by doing endurance work and I don't think 60 mins at a slow pace on the treadmill will do much for your endurance.

Drove home alone on Wednesday as I was heading for Galway on Friday to start the fundraising run for the Jack & Jill foundation and shortly after arriving home I was out the door for an 11 mile run at an easy pace.
Did a similar run on Thursday morning followed by a 1hr cycle and then it was pack the bags for Galway.

Run Report for the Mobile Marathon Relay to follow.

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