Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Training Diary for Monday 01st to Saturday 07th July 2013.

Monday 1st July HRV= 68 White.

July HRVA good result after a good weekend and a big difference when compared with last Monday (holidays).  Legs feeling better than they did yesterday morning so the recovery is going well.  Lunchtime session in the Gym of 3*3 Deadlift @ 95Kg which felt easier than expected considering it’s been a while.  Finished off with a circuit of Hanging Knee Raises, Kettlebell Swings and Chin Ups * 4 rounds.  Finished the training day with a short Interval session on the Track of 3* 1K @ 3:30K pace off 2 min Recovery with long slow warm up.  Could feel the effects of the earlier strength session and expect to be sore tomorrow.  Had a serving of Cherry Active before bed.
Plan for tomorrow is running commute to work.

Tuesday 2nd July HRV=56 Amber.

July HRVLower than expected but stuck with the plan and left the house slightly earlier to allow for a slower easier run.  Didn’t follow up with any other sessions.
Plan for tomorrow is a lunchtime run and an evening recovery run before coaching depending on recovery.

Wednesday 3rd July HRV= 81 Green.

July HRVBetter than expected result and this changes today’s plan.  Easy lunchtime run as I have the DOMS and followed than with a 1hr steady run over a hilly route keeping the pace no faster than 4:20 per k and no slower than 4:30 per k with a finishing average of 4:21.  Went from there straight to a coaching session and an opportunity for a much neglected stretch.
Plan for tomorrow is a running commute to work and possibly a second run.

Thursday 4th July HRV= 69 White.

July HRVStayed up late last night watching a film and found it very hard getting out of bed.  Hit snooze a few times and then did my old trick of letting the HRV score decide what I do.  Legs said no but the heart said go and less than 15 minutes later I was out the door at an easy pace that got progressively and surprisingly quicker.  Didn’t run during lunch but stayed behind after coaching to join the senior athletes for a middle distance speed session.  I was thinking I’d do 5*400M as fast as possible but knew after the first one that it wasn’t a good idea.  The first 2 reps went ok with splits of 74 and 74 but the lactic build up slowed the next 2 reps to 79 and 78 seconds and that’s when I called it a day.  These sessions are supplementary training and the trick is to do just enough or a little bit less rather than too much.
Plan for tomorrow is an easy day as I’m planning to make the most of Saturday.

Friday 5th July HRV= 63 White.

July HRVWanted higher but in hindsight it could be lower.  Legs feeling loose but also have some tenderness which I’m sure is a result of last night’s session.  Lunchtime run of just over 11K which ended up slightly faster than I was planning or expected I could do.  Hopefully this is a good measure of my recovery brought on by the increased leg strength.  That’ll be all for today and this evening it’s couch potato time.  Put the effort into your training but put more effort into your recovery as you can only do what you can recover from.
Plan for tomorrow is the 5K Parkrun and then I head for the hills.

Saturday 6th July HRV=62 White.

July HRVHappy with this result and woke before the alarm.  Made a porridge breakfast and let it go cold to have after the Parkrun.  Arrived at the venue 30 minutes beforehand and got straight into a 25 minute warm up to toe the start line just before the off.  Positioned myself at the front and my plan was an even pace to finish sub 17:50.  Started on target with a 3:31K and then I started to lose it as I was too far behind the lead pack and too far in front of the chasers to force the pace.  Next split was 3:37 and then it was 3:38, 3:39 and finally a 3:43 to finish 4th in 18:10.  It’s an improvement on last week’s Parkrun by 14 seconds but not forgetting I’d ran a 17:56 for 5K last Friday. I seem to be getting complacent with the shorter distances and not digging deep enough when on my own and I’m thinking the solution might be to stay with the lead pack and try hold on as long as possible.  Had my breakfast shortly after finishing and then it was a short drive for a short but very enjoyable hill run with some good climbs.
Plan for tomorrow is a long run.

Sunday 7th July HRV=67 White.

July HRVWoke without an alarm and took my time getting ready as time is on my side today.  Decided to start at the track with the intention being to finish on the track with a few easy laps working on race pace.  Didn’t feel great as the run started with my legs feeling heavy and lethargic so I decided to keep it flat to start in the hope that I’d come alive.  Started to warm up after 5K and then added in some hills but the tiredness came back and I made the decision to cut it short and took an early escape route.   Finished as planned with a few laps of the track but the distance is well short of what I’d wanted.
Plan for tomorrow is a short Tempo or Recovery run depending on recovery from today.

Weekly HRV Summary

July HRVA good week with some decent session although I would have liked to finish with a longer run.  Next week will be reduced volume while maintaining or increasing intensity.

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