Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Training Diary for 24th to 30th June 2013

Monday June 24th. HRV= 59 White.

Mon 24 June HRVA slight improvement and unexpected after the long day yesterday.  Today is yet another long day as the journey home begins.
Plan for tomorrow is a return to training run…

Tuesday June 25th. HRV=53 White.

Tues 25 June HRVNot bad considering I only arrived home at 1:00 am after an action packed day trying to fit in some last minute sightseeing between a train journey to Milan and the flight home. Tried an easy run of 6K before breakfast and found it very tough mentally.  Took it easy for the rest of the morning / afternoon and finished the day with a slightly faster 10K over a hilly route
Plan for tomorrow is to make the most of my last day off before going back to work but depends on recovery.

Wednesday June 26th. HRV=71 Green.

Weds 26 June HRVBack in the game and normal services will resume.  Started the day with an easy 10K to test the legs and prepare for a more intense hilly 13K in the afternoon.  Finished the day with a controlled Fartlek run of just over 5K as part of a coached session with the club.  This consisted of 2*90 seconds, 4*60 seconds, 4*30 seconds and 4*15 seconds with same time as recovery between reps.  Rather than running these as max efforts I stuck with my 5K pace based on my PB.
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session and a lunchtime 10K.

Thursday June 27th. HRV=68 White.

Thurs 27 June HRVEasy Gym session of back squats taking a step back but still doing enough to bring on an exercise induced training response and the DOMS.  Skipped the lunchtime run in favour of a later 6* 1 minute interval session in advance of tomorrow’s race which I’ve still to enter.  Session went well and was slightly faster than my race pace as I’m already feeling the effects of this morning’s gym session.  The gym session may seem badly timed being so close to a race but this is a race of lesser importance as I don’t have the luxury of a taper being so close to my next 24-hr Race (22 days).  Signed up for the 5K race before going to bed.
I’m expecting my legs to be sore / stiff tomorrow morning so the plan is an easy lunchtime recovery run to prepare for the race.

Friday June 28th. HRV= 78 White.

Fri 28 June HRVA great result and the baseline is heading in the right direction again.  Easy lunchtime run of 5K in just over 25 minutes to loosen out the legs in advance of this evenings race. Not feeling great in advance of the race and I hate just running for the sake of it but will still give it a good shot and hope to go at least sub 19 mins.  Decide to start slightly back from the start to avoid going off too fast and it works.  I settle into a nice pace before the first K passes and running better than expected and from here to 4K I’m making up lots of places and think I was only passed once before the finish line.  Official results give me a 17:56 and an unexpected season’s best.  Don’t think I could have run any faster but I’ve no doubt that I could have maintained the pace for longer.
Plan for tomorrow is a local Parkrun in the morning followed by a short Trail Run in the afternoon but as always it will depend on recovery…

Saturday June 29th. HRV=69 White.

Sat 29 June HRVPerfect and I woke before the alarm.  Stuck with the plan and drove to a local Parkrun (5K) with the intention being to run hard for as long as I can and then just hold on for a little bit longer.  Found myself on the start line although I’d planned to position myself a bit further back but didn’t get caught up at the start and let myself settle behind the lead pack and over the first K I fell back to about 20th position by not chasing.  Got comfortable quite quick and was surprised to see my 1K split of 3:33 and kind of guessed it might be hard to sustain so I decided to hold rather than try increase the effort.  My pace did falter by a few seconds but I was also starting to make up places and by the time we started the second of the two laps I was in 6th position with all but the lead runner within reach. On the home stretch I managed to position myself comfortably in 4th position and think I may have relaxed slightly as it was seeming like a good result but then I saw the 3rd placed runner look behind which made me wish I’d kicked a bit more.  Crossed the line in 4th and forgot to stop my watch but the official time has me at 18:25.  Very happy with this result so soon after the last race.  Finished the training day a few hours later with a shorter than usual trail run.
Plan for tomorrow is a medium distance long run.

Sunday June 30th. HRV=56 White.

Sun 30 June HRVA great result but legs not feeling great.  Decided to keep the route flat to work on endurance without overdoing it and stayed on the canal for 35.5K in just over 3hrs.

Weekly Summary:

24-30 hrvA great week and a good return to form after last week.  My base line is moving upwards again and I think the right decisions were made last based on my training volume / intensity and race results for this week.

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