Monday, May 14, 2012

Kildare Marathon 2012

The Start

Yesterday I paced the sub 3:15 pace group in the Kildare Marathon and although I wasn't looking forward to the responsibility it went quite well and I finished in 3:14.22.  Since returning from the 100K World Championships less than a month ago I haven't been feeling 100% and more than likely I'm still recovering from that race both physically & mentally.  It's the mental recovery that I was most concerned about as this was effecting my concentration which would also effect my pacing.  During a few practice runs I found that my pace was always drifting back to my 100K pace whenever I lost concentration and it was only during this Marathon that I managed to get back in the zone.  Maybe thats because I had the extra responsibility and wasn't running just for me.

It took a while before I started to get into the run but once I warmed up which was probably after 30K it felt like I could just keep going and was half tempted to run the a 10K race that started 30 minutes after I finished the Marathon.  I mentioned that idea in conversation and then a few others started talking about it so I changed my mind.

Approaching the finish.

Photos thanks to Peter Mooney.
Kildare Marathon Results.


  1. There's nothing like an ultra runner who needs a marathon to warm up.

    Nice meeting you again, John. All the best for Bangor!

    1. The legs were ok, it was my head that needed warming up:)
      Se you in Bangor.


  2. Tried sticking with you guys for a while but lost you after six miles, serious running! good luck in Bangor