Sunday, March 11, 2012

A mixed week.

With Jim McCormick.

It's been 3 weeks since the Donadea 50K and following the training principle of stress / recover / adapt I've started to increase my training volume ever so slightly without doing too much as it's almost time to peak and taper yet again.  My Gym sessions were the same but different in that I'm doing the same exercises but with less weight and more reps.  This I'm told is to work on my muscle endurance  following on from strengthening these same muscles.
On Friday I met with Jim McCormick and we had planned on running a 65K long run but a strong headwind for the first 20K slowed our pace significantly and we ran out of time at 58K.  Slightly shorter than planned but finishing and knowing that you can keep going is a good confidence boost.

Today I took part in a charity relay run from Lurgan to Croke Park with St Paul's GFC, I joined the team somewhere on the old Belfast road and ran a few legs towards the city centre at a mixed pace which was a perfect end to the week.

Next week I'm running a 10K for my club in the Kildare Road Race Championships and I'm now trying to work out how I can tweak my training to include even a small bit of speed work.

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