Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thinking about next year.

Can it get any better? This time last year I was thinking to myself that it can't get much better than the year I'd just had and if 2011 wasn't better then it was a close second so maybe next year can be better and I'll do my best to make that happen.

I now have a list of possible races and one or other other projects that are yet to be confirmed and if they go ahead they may change some of my other plans.  At the moment I'm training for the Donadea 50K on Feb 18th and following on from that I was planning on racing the Kildare Marathon in May  but I've now ruled out Kildare as it's too close to the World Masters Athletics 100K Championships which I hope to run if fit enough and that's in Italy on April 22nd .  Unfortunately the WMA 100K is  also on the same weekend as the London Marathon so that rules out a weekend in London yet again.

The Energia Belfast 24-hr race will have a change of venue next year due to works at the Mary Peters Track and for 2012 will be held in Bangor on 6th/7th July.  I'm hoping to run this race yet again but it may conflict with something else so it's yet to be confirmed.

I also plan on running as many shorter races as I can fit in with my preference being 5K & 10K and for starters I'm thinking about the Ballybunion 10K on April 7th.


  1. Would love to meet you for 24 hours in Bangor, but good luck with whatever race you have in mind instead.

    See you in Donadea (though that will be a training run for me).

    Happy New Year!

  2. Cheers Thomas. Will definetly see you in Donadea and my plan is to run it comfortably hard rather than race it as I can't afford time off for recovery.
    I do hope to run in Bangor and should know early January if I'll be there.

    Happy new year to you too.


  3. Great stuff John - I'll see you in Donadea as I've entered. I am going to be contraversial here but I wouldn't worry about London, I found it to be one of the most dull runs I have ever done!!

  4. John congrats on a super year.More of the same for 2012 please :) Looking forward to lining out alongside you in the green vest again.