Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taking a step back before going forward.

Feeling that something wasn't right during my race in Perth I've been taking it relatively easy since then and have also taken the proactive step of going to the Doctor for a check up which included getting my Prostate checked just for piece of mind.
It's important not to sacrifice health for fitness and sometimes when training intensity increases to improve performance our health can be neglected.

I now know that I'm on the mend as my pace is starting to increase for the same effort which as always I base on my heart rate.  Almost all of my recent training has been Aerobic with the exception of a 5K race today that I ran comfortably hard and didn't allow my heart rate go any higher than it did during a recent 10K race.
Approaching the finish line, LeCheile 5K.
Training by the clock will tell you that you're getting faster but it won't tell you if you're getting fitter or overtraining / under recovering.  A heart rate monitor will give an objective view on your current condition as it's not influenced by personal feelings.  Train hard but train smart.

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