Sunday, April 18, 2010

Proceeding with caution.

Dead Sea Ultra April 2007.
It was inevitable with all the training and high mileage that something would go wrong and during an easy training run last Thursday I felt a niggle in my lower right leg around the ankle area, it was nothing much and there was no pain but I couldn't take a chance.  I stopped what I was doing, went home and immediately started to ice the area.  
Experience has taught me that sometimes it's best to be cautious and sacrificing a few miles could prevent losing days or weeks of training or maybe a lot more so I decided to take the next day off rather than risk it developing into something more serious.
I spent most of Friday evening icing the area and using a foam roller on my calves which made up for not training but it's hard losing days with the race so close and I wasn't happy!  
Assuming I'd be okay I set the alarm for early on Saturday morning and set out as usual hoping I wouldn't be forced into an early turnaround.  Five minutes into my run and I'd forgotten about my niggle but to be on the safe side I didn't run the distance originally planned and continued to ice the area.
There's only 24 days left until the big race and that's close to the same number of days that I had to prepare for my last 24-hr race so my plan is to almost mirror what I've done before.

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