Sunday, December 20, 2009

Richard Donovan wins Antarctic 100km.

Photo copyright Antarctic Ice Marathon.

It was quite tempting to stay in bed this morning after looking out the window and seeing the roads and cars covered in a layer of frost and snow but I had arrangements made and people to meet.  Returning to my house 18 miles later my hands were frozen and I thought back to this time in 2005 when I was in training for the first Antarctic Ice Marathon.  Back then I was almost praying for a frosty morning and the colder the better to help prepare my body as best I could for the conditions in Antarctica.  

The attached news report is from Ultrarunning Ireland.

Richard Donovan won the IAU-labelled Antarctic 100k for the third time on December 14th.
The race, which is the world's southernmost ultramarathon, was held at 80 Degrees South in the interior of the Antarctic.
Conditions underfoot were extremely tough this year due to snowfall. Windchill temperature was -14C.
Richard also organised the event, which incorporates a marathon, and is called the Antarctic Ice Marathon & 100k.

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