Sunday, February 1, 2015

Going the Distance / Best Film winner at the Outsider Awards

Going the Distance is an award-winning short documentary about a running-addict who has been diagnosed with cancer. Maurice Mullins was once an ultra distance runner and is now undergoing chemotherapy. His disease has meant that he has lost his lifelong passion, but his determination to compete again in a sport that he loves drives him to face his darkest days with optimism and humour. Maurice’s story is a simple one - he just wants to run again. Through this straight narrative the film explores how he draws parallels between his years of sports training to how he copes with undergoing chemotherapy. The film brings the viewer face to face with the question of how we will respond when confronted with adversity, with our own mortality and with the loss of our greatest love or passion. The filmmaker is Maurice’s daughter and in just 12 minutes the audience gets a glimpse of many sides of the one man; the runner, the philosopher, the father, the friend and the entertainer. Going the Distance Winner of the Audience Award at Dingle International Film Festival 2013 Official Selection at Stranger than Fiction Documentary Film Festival 2013 Director: Deirdre Mullins Twitter: @DeirdreMullins Producer- Bobby McCormack Lighting Camerapersons -Eavan Ryan and Naomi Cahen Sound Recordist and Edit Assistants - Patricia Gonzalez and Shane O'Connor Editor - Tristan Hutchinson You can read an interview with Deirdre and Maurice Mullins in the Irish Times here;

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