Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Training Diary for Monday 16th to Sunday 22nd September 2013.

Monday September 16th. HRV= 76 White.

Mon 16thA good start to the week but I can feel the fatigue in my legs and some tightness around my ITB (illiotibal band) and have booked a massage for Thursday.  Easy lunchtime run of 8.5K and that’ll be all for today as I’ve an online Q&A later for http://www.runinthedark.org/training/
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session.

Tuesday September 17th. HRV= 77 White.

Tues 17thEarly Gym session of mostly mobility work and a slight increase in lifted weight with the Back Squat and improvements is always good, 5 sets of 5 @ 47.5kg (+2.5kg).  Squat weight has increased by 7.5Kg over the last 3 weeks and feeling more manageable which is a good sign and although 47.5Kg might not sound like a lot my lifted volume from this session equals 1187.5Kg.  Legs starting to feel much stronger again and there’s no signs of any discomfort around the knees or lower body.  Didn’t have time for a lunchtime run as I was stocking up on some items for next week’s race and when I got home it was raining quite heavy which meant overdressing and having to change my run plan.  Went for a local hilly loop and included some fast paced reps along a forest trail but fading light and the bad weather meant having to cut it short as I didn’t want to risk a fall or twisting an ankle.  I was starting to enjoy picking up the pace to try beat
Plan for tomorrow is an evening Steady Track Session with even pace and maybe an earlier Recovery Run.

Wednesday September 18th. HRV=81 White.

Weds 18thA great result but I can feel the DOMS from yesterday’s strength session and although that’s good as it show’s I’ve lifted enough to stress the body it also means altering my run plan for later as I don’t want to slow down my recovery and adaption to the strength work. Took the opportunity to do a lunchtime Recovery run and stayed slow and flat for an easy 6K with a walking finish.  Climbing a set of step towards the finish had me feeling like a newborn giraffe.  Legs started to loosen up as the day went on and only noticed the improvement when I started to think about my next session.  Made a slight alteration to the session and instead of the usual steady state run I went for an easy to steady warm up followed by 5*800s at an average of 2:45 per rep.  Finished with a long cool down and then it was coaching for an hour with an opportunity to stretch.
Plan for tomorrow is an early gym session and a lunchtime massage.  There’s a coaches meeting after Athletics which will more than likely mean a forced rest day from running but that’s no harm.

Thursday September 19th. HRV=82 White.

Thurs 19thA great result and makes me want to run later so I’ll make sure to be prepared if the opportunity presents.  Early Gym session and it’s a repeat of last week with a set of 3*3 Deadlifts @ 95Kg, 3*3 Strict Press @ 25Kg (-10Kg) plus 3 sets of 5 Pull Ups (+1).  It felt very manageable compared with how I felt last week and that shows improvement on me without having improvement on the bar.  Stress / Rest / Adapt.  Lunchtime massage and not half as bad as I was expecting which is good but my left leg was much tighter than my right which is the opposite to what I was thinking and that’s not so good as it means there was a possible problem developing that I was unaware of.  Won’t leave it as long before next massage.  Managed a short run between Athletics finishing and the coaches meeting starting and made the most of my limited time.  Did a quick but easy warm up of 2K and on every lap after than I threw in a 100M sprint with a 300M recovery for 5 laps before finishing with a cool down to end the session with 5K in 21 mins.
Plan for tomorrow is a short recovery paced lunchtime run or rest.

Friday September 20th. HRV= 87 White.

Fri 20thA great result and I’m putting this down to last night’s session followed by a good night’s sleep and waking without an alarm.  Feeling good but legs still recovering from the strength training and the tenderising from yesterday’s massage.  Easy lunchtime run of 6K with very low heart rate and with that a very easy pace.
Good night’s sleep and feeling good but a little creaky in the legs department but you’re supposed to feel that way during times of heavy training.  Decided against a lunchtime run but knowing it was my only option I changed my mind and went out for an easy 8K in the hope of loosening out my legs and aid recovery.  Took a few minutes before it started to feel easy and at that point I was wishing that I’d stayed closer to work.  Finished with 8.5K in just under 40 minutes and not looking forward to standing on the side-line of a football pitch this evening.
Plan for tomorrow is similar to last week with Parkrun for a time trial and a short but fast Trail Run.

Saturday September 21st. HRV= 79 White.

Sat 21stManaged to wake without the alarm and started the day with a Beet it shot.  Very happy with high score and if my legs feel up to it I think I’ll be chasing a PB today.  Arrived at the venue a bit later than usual and had barely enough time to do a worthless warm up as it was hardly worth the effort.  Made my way to the start line and didn’t recognise any of the usual faces but there were a few club singlets and that’s a good sign as it means a race.  The pace started much faster than I expected and rather than risk getting caught out I dropped back slightly and settled towards the back of a group of about 5.  Moments later the pace started to slow down as the lead runner wasn’t able to maintain what had started and I found myself almost tripping up as I tried to adjust my own pace.  I noticed a gap and went for it and forced the pace with a comfortably hard push to break up the pack.  When possible I took a quick look behind and could see I had a lead of maybe 50 Metres but unfortunately I was on my own and I seem to work better when chasing rather than being chased but it’s still good for self-discipline to be able to hold onto a lead.  As I approached the end of the first lap I was told that I had created a big gap but it was still only half way so I tried not to falter.  My concentration started to go soon after and I found it tough going from 3-4K and just wanted it to be over and although I tried to push on for the last 1K I just didn’t seem to have the extra gear but did manage an attempt at a sprint finish to cross the line with a comfortable lead.  A good result and a confidence boost but slower than last week.
My daughter’s training was cancelled and that also meant my hill run opportunity was cancelled but luckily I managed a local run of 12K which was flat but better than nothing.
Plan for tomorrow is a Medium distance Trail / Hill run concentrating on climbing.

Sunday September 22nd. HRV= 75 White.

Sun 22ndA great result but feeling like I could do with a lie in.  Ran as planned and did 18K with almost 780M of Ascent over one of my usual routes with some good climbs.  Took my time and made a few stops to take in the views and refuel with wild berries.  Finished the day with a short recovery run of 5K.
Plan for tomorrow will depend on recovery but limited to lunchtime as I’m busy with an online Q&A in the evening.

Weekly Summary

Weekly 1A good week finishing with a first place in a tune up 5K race and a medium distance Trail Run.  Noticing the results of my reduced volume in my HRV scores and the Taper proper starts tomorrow.

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