Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back to basics.

With my season more or less over I've gone back to basics and on the advice of John Belton at No17 Personal Training have started on a Strength & Conditioning programme to improve Core Stability and Leg Strength while maintaining Fitness & Endurance.  John travelled to Holland with the Irish Team for the recent IAU 100K World & European Championships and based on his observations has come up with a plan to work on my weaknesses and make me stronger.

My weekly routine now includes 2-3 sessions with John which includes some Olympic Weight Lifting moves and Mobility Exercises.

Running Volume has reduced with less running distance but I'll continue to include some high intensity workouts and short races of up to 10K and Cross Country when available.  I'm already thinking ahead to next year and the intention is to recover from what I've done this year while building a strong base from which to start next year.
I'll post a more detailed explanation of my strength routine shortly.

Kildare Masters Cross Country Championships.


  1. Good stuff John. I've been neglecting the strength stuff myself recently and it's showing with a recurring knee injury. Going to be taking some strength and conditioning classes myself soon. Great way to build a base, something we all neglect in our enthusiasm to build mileage.

    Interested to see what sort of stuff you'll be doing.

  2. Thanks Medbh and you're spot on. I'm using a personal trainer and it's making a big difference. If I'm not training he's on my case as he checks in on me regularly to see what I'm doing and how I'm recovering from his sessions. I'll be posting his plan shortly along with the targets he has set for me.

  3. Interesting stuff, John. I certainly take core and strength training very seriously, 5 x a week. For me its key for ultra running! The short time I spent with John as well, he was very good! Happy training and see you soon! Dan