Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moving on.

Till next time.

It's just over 2 weeks since the Anglo Celtic Plate and my recovery seems to be going as planned, I was back running within 3 days but taking it easy and all runs since then have been in the same easy heart rate zone which helps to monitor improvements or set backs and more importantly it prevents accidentally doing too much too soon.
During one of my first start back sessions I decided to use the running track because it's flat and because it's a loop it meant I was never far from the car if I had to throw in the towel.  Running this session I could feel that my legs were strong but my heart rate was much higher than it should be and thats an obvious sign that although my leg strength is still there I was still tired on the inside so I made sure to keep it slower than I felt capable of doing.

For the moment I'm still trying to decide which races to do over the coming months but for now I'll just keep doing what I'm doing to get my fitness back but will train with certain events in mind.

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