Saturday, October 2, 2010

A week later...

With Eddie Gallen at the awards Ceremony

Today saw my first run since reaching the statue of King Leonidas in Sparta on this day last week.  All of last week was spent resting and recovering even though I felt relatively good considering the time spent on my feet and the distance travelled but there was nothing to be gained by going for a run.  I'm still in disbelief thinking about my few days in Greece and running today required as much mental strength to cover 10K as it did to cover over 200K during the race.  Training proper starts again next week and as always i'll be taking a step back before going forward with reduced volume and reduced intensity for all runs.  One potential problem caused by a reduced training volume is that it can be hard to reduce your regular food intake and if you take in more fuel than you use up it gets stored as fat.  My usual routine is to eat the same number of meals but reduce the volume / quantity of food and that way I'm never depriving myself and don't get hungry.  Eat food in their natural unprocessed state when possible with a perfect example being a piece of fruit rather than a fruit juice.  A full piece of fruit is bulked with fibre whereas  a juice has the bulky fibre removed and contains more calories for less volume.

I'm working on the race report and will post it shortly.

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